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Slices Cattle Adult

Written by MangiAmando
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Choices slices Scottona Choices slices Scottona

Buy the slices of adult cattle (Beef, Scotton, Beef)

Making a speech on the overall choice of meat of bovine assumes argomantazioni long and short Parthian, then the opposite of what we do.

We decided to suddiividere cards in the formats most classic purchase without going to reconsider the cuts of beef (the ones with the silhouette divided that are a bit 'everywhere). The first tab is dedicated to the best seller: the classic slice.

To understand which is the best product we have to know the factors that affect the overall quality of the product, or the age, race and cutting, understood as the product of the cutting of the animal, the classic piece of meat from the butcher which portioning the slices.

Let's assume, however, first some basic distinctions that you should find on the label or tag on the bench.

  • Age: classification is often quite chaotic at issue, semplifcare to say that the adult cattle aged 12 24 months and is conventionally dettoi Bullock. The old rule says that the tenderness of the meat decreases with increasing age. There are in principle but may not be exclusive: the different races have different thresholds of maturity percutaneous age should always be commensurate with the race anyway. In contrast, the old rules also say that the flavor improves with age .... anyway a product slaughtered between 14 18 months and is great regardless.
  • Ethnicity: beef breeds are davvro many, even if the primary section of the farms in Italy and this is not relegated to the Italian breeds at lower elevations of the market, are mainly meat Carolaise and Limousine breed of French origin. Teaches some of the GDO also fits the Piedmont and the Romagna, and remains, thanks to the fame of the Florentine, the Chianina breed. Here it is appropriate to make their own personal taste, trying and comparing what is offered, and once established the taste you can decide if it is worth or not worth paying the price differences even up to 35% for the same product derived from animals of different breeds .
  • Gender: the flesh of the females seem to be naturally more oily and, if the animal is young and has not given birth this fat appears as moire or small infiltration of fat that melts during cooking, make the meat tastier and more tender. The female calf is called a heifer with these characteristics.
  • Cut: the cuts are divided into 3 categories, based on the thickness of the muscle mass, the amount of fat and connective tissue present:
    1. First category: all come from the hindquarter, are the most valuable and have cooking times lower
    2. Second Category: come from the forequarter except the walker leg.
    3. Third category: neck and abdomen sottospalle, cooking times are more prolonged.

This is a distinction that is based on merit and therefore has a direct impact on the price, but not necessarily on the quality depends on the type of cooking that we're going to do the cooking broth with the cost does not produce a consommé excelled nor a boiled extraordinary, yet costs 3 times the pulp from boiled. For the slices cut is very important because slices are proposed cuts from the first and second class often with different characteristics.

From a nutritional point of view, the caloric contribution changes a lot depending on the type of cooking and also on the fatness of the cut. At raw a slice of nut of calf brings 133 calories for 100 grams, with 21,5% protein and medo of 5% of total lipids. The minerals present include potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, zinc and calcium. A slice of rump instead brings 164 calories, the 23% of proteases and the 8% of lipids.

How to Choose the slices

If you've bought the slices preporzionate the free service (in the case of retail sale without assistance) and you are not professional butchers that it is impossible to recognize the cutting of origin, so it is best to guradare more:

  • Favorite slices produced in the day.
  • coloring must be unifome, regardless of color.
  • the slices may have colors ranging from pink to bright red. This depends on the age and breed of the animal.
  • if you compare the color, keep in mind also that the tank: the tank black color makes it stand out much more than the white one.
  • the presence of infiltration of fat (marbling, are small thin streaks) promises taste and tenderness.
  • fat and nervous tissue are not appreciable.
  • privileged portioning homogeneous, with the thickness of the slice uniform will make you better cooking.
  • the flesh should be shiny and moist.

If you buy over the counter assitito slices, the slices obtained from the favorite Noce, a cut is placed on the front of the thigh, at the beginning of the hip has an ovoid shape and is made up exclusively of muscles. It 's more tender and lean rump, which is great for the slices in tomato sauce. The rump is a good alternative, but it is not much used for the slices choices, while the walker is very tasty for me but it is often hard.

Where to Buy the slices

It is, as often, a relationship of trust and proper balance between cost and satisfaction senesoriale. There is no uniformity even within the same teaches GDO, because each butcher has a way of working, cutting and portioning decide. In general, however, a supermarket where the meat is bad, it will keep for a long time this was. So trying evaluated whether there is adequate as proposed. And if you find an acceptable continuity over time. The butcher knows if the meat is working good or not, and if you get a chance, hijacks portioning according to this, maybe preparing more tomato sauce and less than choicest slices, or proposing stew or braised. This is not always possible. And if you are demanding to portioning, if, for example, the slices are never thin or thick as you would like as you have no other alternative but to contact those who have a traditional service: you can see the piece of cut out and let you all like best suits you.

Prices, especially if taking into account the advantage of buying exactly what you need, leads you to move towards the supermarket with assisted butcher's shop, also thanks to more aggressive promotional actions. But the price gap tends to shrink. The large distribution tends to offer a constant average quality without ups and downs that are not casual, the traditional butcher works excellent animals and others less, if he has a good relationship with you he can advise you at best.

Stay up to you evaluating whether the service makes up for the price difference.

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