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squid caught squid caught

Buy the Calamari

The clamaro is a cephalopod mollusk characterized by a body bag with two fins on the sides of triangular shape. It has eight arms and two tentacles long and slender, covered with suckers arranged in two rows.

The name scentifico of the European squid Loligo vulgaris is, cephalopod Teuthida such as squid (Todarodes sagittatus) and lives on sandy bottoms, but the species of squid are so many on the basis of a multistage porfondità marine and size, switching from squid to 3 cm up to the Giant Squid 18 meters long!

The characteristic shape is elongated, the pinkish white coat with dark dots shell that encloses a small sword and a siphon that allows the expulsion of water very quickly in a system very similar to the jet engines of the aircraft. Also within the mantle is the bag with the ink with the same functions as that of the cuttlefish.

From the nutritional point of view squid (68 cal / 100gr) provide a number of proteins that make it a perfect substitute for meat, contain Vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus. Are not recommended for hypertensive due to the abundance of sodium chloride and the uricemici for cntenuto relevant purines. The contribution of phosphorus and calcium instead make them useful to the salutes of bones and teeth.

How to Choose the Calamari

In the market squid are natural (not cleaned), skinned and eviscerated, already cut into rings. They can be frozen and thawed, and there is an obligation to notify the seller of the label along with the fishing area.

  • The skin should be moist, the tentacles must be integers and the bag should be of a color almost metallic intense.
  • The meat should be pure white.
  • The Fresh squid is recognized by smelling it: it has a characteristic odor of the sea.
  • If aging squid give off an odor of ammonia. In this case, do not buy.


In the refrigerator for a day if well protected between two plates. Most squid are small and should be eaten before: a squid should be eaten the same day of fishing, subject to freezing.

Where to Buy the Calamari

If you buy the defrosted, of any size, you can go either in supermarkets than in traditional fishmongers. For a fresh product, especially when it comes to squid would be better to turn to fishmongers absolute confidence in the markets or in the city with the harbor and fishing fleet.

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