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Tuesday, July 30 2013 16: 56

Spaghetti tomatoes, capers and pumpkin flowers

Written by Azdora
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Spaghetti fresh tomatoes, capers and pumpkin holes Spaghetti fresh tomatoes, capers and pumpkin holes

When the heat is felt, spaghetti with tomato sauce is a classic. I am also a dinner with friends or while watching a football game.

In the summer, then, are the ideae because the garden offers us some wonderful tomatoes, sweet and fleshy and so what better occasion to prepare a dish of spaghetti with fresh tomato. We've added capers to give a stronger taste and zucchini flowers to invoke the heat of summer. In another season can be prepared jennies net of this ingredient.

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 people 5 min.
15 min. € 5

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
spaghetti gr. 360
Cherry tomatoes gr. 350
capers 2 tablespoons
garlic 1 clove
courgette flowers n. 5-6
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Prepare a large saucepan filled with water and put it on the fire .
  • Thoroughly wash the tomatoes and sezioniamoli in four small wedges.
  • Clean up the garlic and divide it into two pieces: one will leave full, the other trituriamo. NOTE: If you do not like to hear little bits of garlic in your pasta, let the clove whole.
  • DIssaliamo capers and tritiamoli with a knife or the crescent.
  • We clean and gently wash the zucchini flowers and cut them into strips in the sense dellla length.


  • When the water boils, we go up with coarse salt and throw the dough.
  • In a saltapasta put a drizzle of olive oil and fry the whole garlic.
  • When the garlic has colored, remove him and put the tomatoes in the pan.
  • Season with salt and pepper and leave to dry.
  • After a few minutes add the capers and chopped garlic (if we decided to use it) and mix.
  • Let even flavor a few mnuti and turn off the fire.
  • Scoliamo the pasta and transfer it to the pan with the tomatoes.
  • We turn on the heat, add the chopped pumpkin flower., Amalgamiamo well and turn off the fire. The dish is ready!
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