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Tuesday, July 16 2013 22: 29

Rigatoni with eggplant and ricotta

Written by Azdora
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Pasta with Eggplant and Ricotta Pasta with Eggplant and Ricotta
difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 people 15 min.
20 min. € 5

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
semolina pasta gr. 320
eggplant gr. 400
ricotta cheese gr. 300
pecorino cheese gr. 20
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb
parsley 1 forelock
garlic 1 clove


  • Wash and trim the eggplant.
  • Cut them into pieces and placed in a bowl sprinkled with salt.
  • Let stand 30 minutes for you to lose the vegetation water.
  • Meanwhile chop the parsley.


  • Heat up the water for the pasta.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan (or jump-dough) and let you fry the garlic.
  • When the garlic is colored, remove from the pan and put to cook the chopped eggplant.
  • Sauté over medium heat for about ten minutes. If necessary, to prevent Colorino too, add the eggplant a few spoonfuls of water.
  • When the pasta water starts to boil, add salt with salt and dip the pasta.
  • After cooking the pasta, drain it and transfer it to the pan with the eggplant.
  • Add cottage cheese, chopped parsley and grated pecorino.
  • Stir to mix well. Add freshly ground black pepper.
  • Turn off the heat and Serve.
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