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Saturday, August 24 2013 15: 41

Cuttlefish with beans flavored with Provencal herbs

Written by Azdora
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Cuttlefish with cannellini beans Cuttlefish with cannellini beans

As an alternative to classic sepia with peas we offer a recipe faster: Cuttlefish with cannellini beans. The secret is the use of many herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage and laurel) that spice this preparation remembering the flavors of Provence.

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 people 20 min.
30 min. € 10-12

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
clean sepia gr. 600
Cannellini beans gr. 400
thyme 2 sprigs
sage 7-8 leaves
rosemary 2 sprigs
laurel 2- 3 leaves
garlic 1 clove
White wine 1 / 2 glass
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb
fish stock qb


  • Depriving the squid eye and beak (expect to use already cleaned cuttlefish. The weight indicated in the ingredients is in fact referred to the already cleaned fish and peeled).
  • We wash the cuttlefish under running water and cut the body into strips, leaving whole heads.
  • Thoroughly wash all the herbs.
  • We form part of the herbs with a bouquet garni consisting of a sprig of rosemary, 2 / 3 sage leaves, a sprig of thyme and bay leaves 2. We tie with a little 'of string.
  • Tritiamo finely the remaining herbs.
  • Scoliamo the beans of their conservation liquid.


  • In a large saucepan put to warm up a bit 'of oil with a clove of garlic and the bouquet garni.
  • Let fry and add the cuttlefish. We go up, we do pepiamo and cook on high heat for a few minutes.
  • Add the white wine, let it evaporate and bring to cooking adding gradually with the comic (or broth) fish, avoiding making too dry the cooking liquid.
  • Cuttlefish are cooked in a half hour. It must take into account that this is an indicative time. In fact, the cooking time will vary depending on the consistency of the pulp. It 'good to try cooking putting the squid with a fork: if it is cooked soft.
  • Remove the squid from heat and keep warm between two plates.
  • Place in baking pan of cuttlefish, beans. Add a little salt and pepper and the chopped herbs.
  • Cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Complete adding cuttlefish, still wet with a little fish stock and cook other 5 minutes so that the various flavors can blend well.
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