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Chicken cutlets with mushrooms and artichokes

Written by Azdora
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Scallops Mushrooms and Artichokes Scallops Mushrooms and Artichokes

Escalope of Chicken with Mushrooms and Artichokes: a delicate dish, quick with a very full taste conferred by a mix of vegetables. The artichokes and mushrooms are a perfect match! The dish that we get, though extremely simple, is different from the classic scallops.

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 people 20 min.
20 min. € 8-9

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
slices of chicken breast gr. 500
artichokes n. 2
Champignon mushrooms gr. 400
flour qb
White wine 1 glass
salt and pepper qb
extra virgin olive oil, butter qb


  • Clean the artichokes by removing the tough outer leaves and the tips. Cut the stem at the base of the artichoke. Also clean the shank eliminating the external part and holding the central part.
  • Cut the artichokes in half and wash them.
  • Cut the artichokes and stems fettine thin (almost as if usasissimo a mandolin) and put them in a bowl to soak in water and lemon to prevent blackening.
  • Clean the mushrooms earthy parts and wash them quickly under running water. Thinly slice.
  • Depriving the chicken breasts of any fat parts. Use slices rather thin if necessary flatten them with a meat tenderizer by placing the slices between two sheets of parchment paper.
  • Put the flour on a plate.
  • Flour the fetine both sides pressing the flour with the palm of your hand to make it adhere well.


  • Put a pan on the stove with a little oil and a small knob of butter and put to cook the artichokes, adding, if necessary, a little water.
  • After a few minutes, toggiungere mushrooms with artichokes. Season with salt and pepper, stir and cook for another 5 6-minutes.
  • Sprinkle with a little white wine and turn off the heat.
  • Put to warm un some oil and butter in a large pan. When the butter is melted and starts af "riggere" add the slices of breaded chicken.
  • Bake for 5 minutes turning often to prevent them from sticking. Season with salt and pepper.
  • When cooked, sfumarle with half a glass of white wine and reduce heat.
  • Heat the mix of mushrooms and artichokes and place them on top of the scallops.
  • Serve warm scallops covered with vegetables.
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