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Wednesday, January 08 2014 17: 19

For you Chef

Written by MangiAmando
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Do you want to promote yourself and / or your restaurant?

Join the project so you can expand your network of contacts and the popularity of you and the place you work for or of which you are the owner. It goes beyond the usual advertising and, with a targeted, integrated, innovative communication, you will increase your online reputation generating attractiveness for your professionalism and your local.

There are two options, a free and totally confidential to the individual operator, with the only operating expenses linked instead to local chefs and the owners, the features are summarized in this table, and below are the details:


public Recipes

The editorial MangiAmando contribution to the project by professional chefs is expressed in the publication of at least 4 recipes a month or a week. Publish recipes that are in the current menu in the restaurant where you work it can be recommended because it develops a double value: on one hand it creates the attraction to try, feel the taste of the original dish and then to compare the results at home with the original. The chef also has the option, however, to experiment giving vent to cretività or propose recipes that are not "ready" for the restaurant (for characteristics of the ingredients, for pushing experimentation, because too far from the impression of the menu, ... .) and test the popularity on the public (MangiAmando provides a sophisticated statistical detail, then you will know how many people saw the recipe, their evaluation, comments, ....)

Personal card

It 'an article, which may correspond to a direct page of the website or included in a module, with information on the Chef. Our idea of ​​the concept of curriculum, but we think it's one anyway space to raise awareness of the important things that each chef believes no particular constraints. You can therefore get their professional experiences, studies, updates, prizes and awards but also simply the preferences or the description of your style cuisine.

Local tab

And 'the equivalent of the personal card, however, tied to the room where the chef is working.

Mini-site restaurant

It is the evolution of the Local card, and looks like a real site with a third-level domain name ( and a structure optimized on the characteristics of the restaurant. It is foreseen the initial editing of the specialists of and the training to directly manage the following publications, always with our support if necessary. Or you can delegate to eating updates on the basis of the material sent from the restaurant (photos, special menus, updates and variations, wine lists, events, theme dinners, or other), with a small surcharge on the monthly fee.

Events promotion

This service consists in the dissemination and republishing websites and in social networks mangiamando of the events that the chefs care and want to know.

Campaigns / Coupons

This is one of the most innovative and successful tools on the internet right now. It will be possible to advertise its initiatives in an active and effective way, creating particular promotions, decided by the restaurant, unique and sustainable. It will make the local attractive without having to lose money or fall in quality as often happens with Groupon-like initiatives or various smart boxes, directly managing the collections.


Mangiamando provides personal email boxes, fully configurable and accessible with all mail clients and via the internet or with all smartphones and tablets.

editorial Marketing

These are articles dedicated to reviewing the venue and events. They are of fundamental importance in increasing search engine rankings and, consequently, in increasing restaurant contacts.

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