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Thursday, August 22 2013 08: 36

Rump of turkey with tomatoes and olives

Written by Azdora
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Rump of turkey with tomatoes and olives Rump of turkey with tomatoes and olives

Slices of turkey breast with tomato and olives. Keep slices lying on a sauce of red and firm tomatoes. A second ieale in the summer when tomatoes are at the peak of their sweetness. Excellent for those who love olives (possibly use black olives from Gaeta). We recommend serving them with a controno of boiled beans passed through butter.

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 people 15 min. + Rip
25 min. € 7

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
turkey breast n. 4 slices
Origan 1 / 2 spoon
garlic 2 cloves
ripe and firm tomatoes gr. 300
onion 1
pitted black olives n. 3
pitted green olives n. 6
butter gr. 40
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Peel a clove of garlic, chop finely and place in a bowl with the oregano and a pinch of pepper. Mix.
  • Distribute this mixture of garlic and oregano on the turkey breast slices, pressing with your hands to make it adhere well.
  • Rest your turkey slices in griforifero for 30 minutes.
  • In frettempo prepare the sauce. Scald the tomatoes for about a minute in boiling water.
  • Drain, remove the elle and seeds and chop.
  • Chop the second clove of garlic.
  • Peel and chop the onion.
  • Wash the olives and slice.


  • In a saucepan, heat 20 grams of butter, add the chopped onion and cook it.
  • Add the garlic and chopped tomatoes.
  • Cook for about ten minutes on high heat.
  • Add chopped olives, salt, pepper and cook for a few minutes.
  • At the same time, in another saucepan, heat some oil with the remaining butter and let brown the turkey slices.
  • Add salt and pepper and bring to the meat cooking.
  • Put on the bottom of a vasssoio, for the table, the tomato sauce. Lay over the sauce, turkey slices and serve hot.
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