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Tuesday, July 23 2013 09: 45

Chunks of Beef

Written by Azdora
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Soft rolls of carpaccio stuffed with smoked ham Soft rolls of carpaccio stuffed with smoked ham
difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 2 people 15 min.
10 min. € 8

Tender rolls prepared with ham, cheese slices and Parmesan cheese. They are a quick and easy preparation suitable for those who have little time and want to, with few ingredients, get a second course effect! I recommend the use of a good aromatic flavoring that gives the dish a stronger taste. I used sage, thyme and rosemary, but you can choose according to the fetching of your preferences.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
beef carpaccio 8 slices
baked ham gr. 120
slices n. 4
Parmesan cheese gr. 30
sage, thyme, rosemary qb
milk 1 / 2 glass
White wine 1 / 2 glass
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Spread the slices of carpaccio on a cutting board.
  • Spread a little on each of ham, cheese slices and half a scaglietta Parmesan (or grain). You may even decide not to utilize the Parmesan in this way the taste is more delicate.
  • Roll the meat, from the longest side, so as to form a small cylinder that wraps the filling.
  • Close the ends with two toothpicks.
  • Season with salt and pepper and lightly flour rolls.


  • Put a little oil in a frying pan and lie down rolls. Use a pan to allow the meat to stand in a single layer with the possibility to easily turn the rolls without breaking them.
  • Fry the rolls for a couple of minutes, turning several times.
  • When you have formed a golden crust add the chopped herbs and remove toothpicks with pliers. NB: the meat is already sealed and eliminating the toothpick, the bundle remains closed. In this way are more convenient to eat.
  • Deglaze with the white wine.
  • Add the milk and finish cooking for another minute.
  • Remove the rolls and allow to firm up the creamy sauce that is made with milk still for a minute.
  • Extinguish the fire. Cover the rolls with the cream, using a spoon, and serve.

Tips and tricks

The success of these rolls is related to the use of very thin slices of meat. That's why I preferred to use the carpaccio. You can use the carpaccio for sale, packaged, supermarket or ask the butcher to prepare the thin slices. The meat should be almost "broken." You should not worry about the fact not compactness: turning the slices over itself, the filling is still protected. The use of a meat so thin greatly shortens the cooking time and makes the bundle very tender.

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