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Wednesday, November 13 2013 12: 58

Sfogliata autumn

Written by Azdora
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Sfogliata d & # 039; Autumn Pastry Autumn

The Pastry Autumn is a sweet made from puff pastry quick and pomegranate. The stuffing involves the use of apple mousse. Finding it is easy, all supermarkets are equipped with them. The presence of malagrana gives it a slightly sour taste to this cake.

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 6-people 10 min.
30 min. € 6

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
puff pastry rectangle n. 2
apple puree gr. 200
pomegranate beans gr. 200
granulated sugar gr. 25
vanillin 1 sachet
icing sugar qb
yolks n. 1


  • Light the 220 ° oven.
  • Lay a rectangle of puff pastry on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Prick the dough with irebbi of a fork.
  • Switch on the edges of a slightly wet brush to moisten.
  • Prepare the filling by mixing the apple mousse with pomegranate seeds, granulated sugar and vanilla.


  • Spread the mixture of apples and pomegranate on the pastry, leaving the edges previously moistened with water.
  • Prick the second rectangle of pastry with a fork.
  • Place the second layer of puff pastry on the preparation, pressing slightly on the edges.
  • Brush the surface of the cake with beaten egg yolk.
  • When the oven is hot, bake the cake and after 5 minutes lower the temperature to 200 °.
  • Cuocee for other 25 minutes.
  • Serve the cake cold, dusted with powdered sugar.

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