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Chicken liver crostini

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Tuscan chicken liver crostini Tuscan chicken liver crostini

Croutons of livers are cooked always in my family. For Christmas, Easter, birthdays, ..... almost every day of celebration! He made my grandmother, then my mom made them and my aunts, and after I started them to prepare myself. They are "our" Crostini Toscani although it is not the original recipe, but it is the reworking that is done in that piece of Tuscan Romagna where I grew up. Or rather I should say that is the reworking that I do as those of my mother were different, and those of my aunt several more ..... I like that. If you want to try them. It 'a recipe a bit long, but not difficult.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
chicken livers gr. 500
celery n. 1 coast
carrot n. 1-2
onion n. 1
sage 3-4 bunches
salted capers 2 tablespoons
anchovy paste 1 spoon
mayonnaise qb
lemon 1/2
extra virgin olive oil qb
Tuscan bread Kg. 1


  • Clean livers eliminating fat parts and nerves.
  • Soak livers for half an hour.
  • Wash them several times under running water.
  • Clean and wash celery, carrot and onion.
  • Make them into large pieces and cut them separate.
  • Thoroughly rinse the capers under running water to remove the salt.
  • Squeeze the juice of half lemon.
  • Clean and wash the sage. NB: This preparation requires the use of a lot of, fragrant sage which is the ingredient that matches very well to fegatelli. Therefore abound!


  • In a pan put some oil and celery and carrot.
  • In a second pan, put another drop of oil and livers with two or three pieces of onion.
  • Heat up the pan simultaneously with livers and the one with the smells. In the latter, a few minutes later, when celery and carrot are a bit browned. add the onion.
  • Sauté odors and sepgnere.
  • Do even cook livers. NB: do not add salt. Gradually you will collect the water produced by fegatielli in baking.
  • Almost cooked (serve about 45 minutes on low heat) add sage and stir.
  • After two minutes add the browned smells and continue cooking with other 5-6 minutes.
  • Stir often to prevent the preparation attacks.
  • Turn off the heat and chop the capers with the crescent with livers (Also chop the herbs and sage). This is done by putting the contents of teganme on chopping and adding capers. NB: There are those who blend it all with a mixer. I personally like a preparation not too creamy, but in which the pieces are easily distinguishable: for this use the crescent.
  • Put the mixture into the pan, finely chopped (We can use the same pan in which we baked fegatelli). Add the anchovy paste and plenty of oil and bring back the fire.
  • 2 minutes and turn off heat.
  • Then add the mayonnaise. NB: just a tablespoon or two. The amount depends on personal taste. It 'clear that this dampens much the flavor ingredient. Use more or less depending on the fact that there is a compound more or less delicate.
  • Mix well and finish with the lemon juice.
  • Prepare the base of toast cut into slices Tuscan bread and make toast in the oven.
  • Add the mixture of livers and mettiano few seconds under the broiler.
  • Serve piping hot chicken liver crostini.

Additional information

  • Difficulty level: Media
  • Serves: 8
  • prep time .: 40 minutes
  • Cooking time: 60 minutes
  • Total time: 100 minutes
  • Cost: € 10
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