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Quick recipes

Quick recipes

Quick recipes: an indispensable solution when you do not have time to prepare all the dishes we want.

Some preparations become quick recipes because it does not require cooking, the other can make quick, and if you want the easiest, buying semi-finished products, such as ready-made puff pastry, or instant polenta.

In classify my quick recipes I have not given the time at all, but rather the relationship between the little time it takes and the final result.

Monday, April 14 2014 00: 00

candy puff pastry with ham

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puff pastry candy ham: a finger food tasty. The preparation is very fast and easy, the peculiarity is the closing of the pieces of dough as if it were candy. I am a tasty tidbit: the use of raw ham and brie cheese gives it a strong taste for this appetizer. For this reason, we should not overdo it with the filling. Who then wanted a more delicate flavor can use cooked ham and Emmental. Also perfect for a starter, alongside pickled meats and vegetables.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
puff pastry rectangle 1 pack
ham gr. 100
brie (or taleggio) gr. 100
egg n. 1


  • cut the brie cheese into large pieces.
  • Unroll puff pastry and cut it into squares. We'll have to get 12 squares (or rectangles).
  • Put at the center of each square a little ham and a piece of Brie.
  • Fill so tuttii square.
  • Close them, one by one, folding them in two, and rolling up the two outer flaps forming a bundle in the shape of candy.
  • Transfer all the candy in a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Making cuts with the tip of a knife on the outer edges (bows candy) so as to favor the rising.
  • Beat the 'egg with a brush and brush the surface of the candy.
  • Store them in the fridge to rest until ready to use them. NB: When the puff pastry is Cold leavens better.


  • Preheat oven to 180 *.
  • inform pasta candy puff and cook for at least 15 minutes.
  • On the surface it will form a golden crust.
  • serve the candy puff pastry with ham per couple lying them on a saucer. Each diner may use a saucer.
Thursday, February 27 2014 00: 00

Artichokes And Potatoes

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Artichokes and potatoes: a simple and easy side dish. Potatoes are steamed to retain their good taste and artichokes, finely chopped purposes, they are quickly stir-fried. When we taste this dish feel distinct flavors of the two vegetables that still look great together!

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
yellow potatoes n. 4
artichokes n. 2
parsley 1 forelock
salt and pepper qb
extra virgin olive oil, butter qb


  • Peel the potatoes and wash them well.
  • Cut into fairly small cubes (about cm 1x cm. 1)
  • Put nelcestello for steaming.
  • Steam cook for 30 minutes. NB: The potatoes must remain compact and crisp.
  • While the potatoes are cooking clean the artichokes.
  • Remove tough outer leaves and the tips. Cut the stem at the base of the artichoke. Also clean the shank eliminating the external part and holding the central part.
  • Cut the artichokes in half and wash them. Soak them in a bowl with water and lemon juice.
  • Cut the artichokes into thin slices and the stems into rounds.
  • Clean and wash the parsley. Chop.


  • Once cooked, the potatoes, remove from the steamer basket. Add salt and pepper.
  • Put a pan on the stove with a little oil and a small knob of butter and put to cook the artichokes, adding, if necessary, a little water. Season with salt and pepper.
  • uocere for 5-6 minutes.
  • Add the cubes of potato steamed. Stir and cook together again for a few minutes to mix the vegetables.
  • Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
  • Turn off the heat and serve.

The outline with cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes: a great combination. Often, at the last minute, we decided to bring to the table the beans: good and high in fiber. The fact of being able to buy already cooked, canned, making them a good side dish for all occasions, economic and fast. In fact, at times, it needs very little to turn it into a full dish to taste. In this case the addition of cherry tomatoes datterini sweet and a good shallot, transform this outline, from the simple opening of a can of beans, in a plate entirely different. And the preparation time is still very little!

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
canned beans (cannellini or white cake) gr. 400
shallot n. 1
datterini tomatoes gr. 200
rosemary 1-2 sprigs
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Clean and wash the shallot. Slice it.
  • wash datterini tomatoes and cut, one by one, in half (in this wither way better and release a good sauce).
  • Drain the cannellini beans of the box and quickly rinse under running water (in this way we clean them of preserving liquid).
  • Clean and wash the rosemary. Chop finely.


  • Put to heat some oil in a pan.
  • add the shallot and cook it.
  • Add the tomatoes and reduce heat.
  • To soften the datterini tomatoes stirring with a wooden spoon.
  • After a few minutes the tomatoes to release some of their water vegetation that will begin to form a delicious rosé sauce.
  • Add at this point also the cannellini beans and mix.
  • Season with salt and pepper and mix again.
  • Amalgamate tomatoes and beans together for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the chopped rosemary.
  • Bring to the table hot Garnish with cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes.
Friday, September 13 2013 22: 28

Crackers with Philadelphia and Pere

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Crackers with philadelphia cheese and pears: a fresh snacks and fast, also perfect as an appetizer for a summer dinner. The combination of cheese with pears is a classic; the addition of dried fruits such as almonds gives a taste extra note. I find them to be perfect.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
unsalted crackers n. 25-30
philadelphia gr. 100
chopped almonds gr. 50
william pears n. 1
lemon n. 1 / 2


  • Put the cheese in a bowl and knead with a fork to soften it.
  • Add the chopped almonds and mix with cheese.
  • Wash pears, divide it in half, remove the torso and cut into slices. Put the slices in a bowl, cover with water and lemon juice to prevent blackening

Composition of the dish

  • Spread the mixture of philadelphia cheese on crackers and almonds until exhaustion.
  • Transfer the snacks thus obtained on a serving dish.
  • Just before serving, drain the pear dall'acuq and place a slice on each cracker.

Tips and tricks
Spread the mixture on serving them little plently of crackers to prevent soften and lose crunchiness.

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Additional information

  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Serves 6
  • Prep time. 20 minutes
  • Cooking time 60 minutes
  • Total time 80 minutes
  • Cost € 4
Tuesday, October 15 2013 15: 15

Dumplings with cheese, pears and walnuts

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These dumplings with cheese, pears and walnuts are small puff pastry delights that surround a heart formed by taleggio cheese, pears Abbot and chopped walnuts. A real treat to be offered in a buffet, in a dinner with friends and maybe a little party. To try!!

difficulties recipe for Preparation cooking Cost
Easy 4 10 min.
20 min. € 5

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
puff pastry rectangle n. 1
taleggio cheese gr. 120
abbot pears n. 1
nights n. 10
egg n. 1


  • Cut the cheese into thin slices.
  • Break the walnuts and chop the kernels.
  • Wash, bucciare and cut the pear into small pieces.


  • Light the 180 ° oven.
  • Unroll the pastry on cutting board and with a wheel (or a knife) to divide it into squares of cm. X 10 10.
  • Rest on each square, a piece of cheese.
  • Cover it with a few pieces of pear.
  • Add the chopped nuts.
  • Fill in this way all the cut square.
  • Divide the yolk from the album.
  • Brush the edges of each square with the egg white (in this way we should be able to better seal the edges and prevent the bundle is opened during cooking).
  • Close each square, bringing together two opposite edges and sealing them together. Also complete closing the other two remained free flaps.
  • Properly seal the closure with the tip of your fingers, making sure that all the filling remains well protected inside.
  • Brush the surface of each bundle with the egg yolk.
  • Bake and cook for 20 minutes.

Thursday, August 01 2013 15: 28

fried pumpkin flowers

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The fried zucchini flowers are a classic Italian cuisine. Often, before being fried, are filled in various ways, according to the tradition of the various regioni.La recipe that we propose here provides that the flowers are simply passed in batter, without filling. To add this batter is also perfect for frying other vegetables, such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
courgette flowers n. 12 - 16
flour gr. 100
eggs n. 1
White wine 1 / 2 glass
nutmeg 1 pinch
salt, pepper, oil qb


  • To prepare the batter must be put in a bowl the flour, salt, pepper, a sprinkling of nutmeg, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and an egg yolk.
  • Dilute everything by putting water and wine in equal proportions until the mixture is quite liquid.
  • Let stand for half an hour and, at the time of use, add the beaten egg white
  • Clean courgette flowers eliminating the stem, green outer leaves and the pistil centrale.Fare attention to keep the flower indoors.
  • Wash them and let them dry


  • Put plenty of oil in a large frying pan and heat it well.
  • When the oil is high in temperature, pass courgette flowers in the batter, drain the excess and fry for elimarne.
  • Serve piping hot fried zucchini flowers and crispy.


I courgette flowers They must be firm and fresh.

I courgette flowers that are used are not those that are commonly found attached to zucchini. Courgettes have two types of flowers: female ones on short stalks that become zucchini and male ones with stems much more subtle and long that they never grow zucchini. The latter are usually collected to be used in the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 10 2014 00: 00

Primo Sale cheese with herb vinaigrette

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The recipe for Cheese First Sale (or primosale) with vinaigrette with herbs is a great idea for a side dish or a light entree but full of flavor and scents, ideal for summer!

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
Cheese Primo Sale gr. 250
Extra Virgin Olive Oil gr. 50
Rúcula qb
Rosemary qb
Mint a few leaves
Tarragon qb
Parsley qb
Lemon n. 1 / 4


  • Wash and dry your herbs making sure to remove the withered or stained parts.
  • Chop the herbs in average way.
  • Place the chopped herbs in a small bowl with the olive oil and the juice of a lemon wedge.
  • Stir gently and, if you want to add a pinch of salt and pepper, leave to steep for one hour.
  • portioning the Cheese first salt on plates and cover with the vinaigrette of herbs.
  • Serve the first cheese Salt with herb vinaigrette as an appetizer or as a side dish from a flare.


  • You can choose between various types of first salt cheeses, or even fresh lean cheeses, or if you also prefer cow's milk goats.
  • The mix of herbs is free, it must pay attention to the quantity and the aromatic potential of each grass: I have put a few leaves of mint because altirmenti would cover the other, and that's why I did not put sage and thyme.
  • And 'essential oil: here is the case of using a good quality extra virgin olive oil. Given the herbs I recommend a Ligurian or a lake Garda oil DOP.
Tuesday, September 10 2013 16: 51

Caprese salad

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The caprese salad is probably the first recipe that comes to mind to prepare the summer. Excellent as a main dish, but also as an appetizer. It 'easy and really quick recipe: for this is the fastest way when you just do not know what to cook. And is available to everyone: those who have no home in mozzarella and tomato? I use, as usual, Vesuvian tomatoes. Essential is the use of fresh basil.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
Vesuvian tomatoes gr. 400
mozzarella di bufala gr. 300
basil 1 bunch
Origan qb
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • wash tomatoes and cut into rounds.
  • Drain the mozzarella cheese from the storage liquid and cut into slices of the same thickness of the tomato.
  • Wash the bunch of basil one and unscrew the leaves.
  • Put in a plate of slices flow tomato, Alternating with those of mozzarella cheese.
  • Add a leaf basil on each slice of mozzarella cheese.
  • Add salt, sprinkle Condell 'Origan and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
  • If you like to be a little cold (especially when it's very hot) let it rest for half an hour in the refrigerator before serving.
Thursday, March 27 2014 00: 00

Salad with mushrooms, celery and grana padano

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Salad with mushrooms, celery and parmesan cheese: a fresh and tasty side dish. The flavor of mushrooms is perfect with the celery and grana padano. It is essential to use the fresh vegetables. The mushrooms are cultivated mushrooms that can be single used in many preparations: in this case are used raw, for this you need to make sure they are fresh, with the stem intact and the white pulp. As well as a side dish can be served as an appetizer

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
fiìunghi mushrooms gr. 400
celery white 1 coast
Grana Padano gr. 50
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Clean mushrooms and wash them under running water.
  • Clean the celery eliminating the outer filaments. Wash.
  • cut the Grana Padano flakes using a vegetable peeler.
  • Cut the mushrooms into thin slices.
  • Cut the celery into small pieces.
  • compose'Mushroom salad, celery and grana padano on the serving dish by placing a first layer of mushrooms, A subsequent layer of celery and complete with flakes Grana Padano.
  • Season with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil to taste.
Wednesday, September 11 2013 07: 16


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Panzanella is a real traditional dish from Florence, has spread throughout Tuscany since the beginning dell'800. It 'a summer dish, poor and humble, that does not require cooking. Its origin is rural: this dish was consumed in the fields by those who, for work, remained outside the house all day. It 'a pact made with bread, but only Tuscan bread (bland). The bread must be stale: panzanella is therefore also a useful recovery plate. Initially, only dressed with red onion, over time has seen the addition of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil. It is understood that, just because it is a well recovery dish, is my habit to enrich it with capers, olives, tuna, .... or whatever else we find available in the pantry. We move away from the traditional recipe, with a quick recipe, but we get a personalized taste.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
stale Tuscan bread 8 slices
ripe tomatoes n. 4
cucumbers n. 2
red onions n. 1
basil 1 bunch
d wine vinegar 1 / 2 glass
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Peel and wash the onion.
  • Wash tomatoes and cut them into small pieces removing the seeds.
  • Gather the tomatoes in a bowl toss with a little salt and oil. Stir and leave to marinate for half an hour so that pomdori release some liquid.
  • Peel the cucumber and cut even this thin rounds.
  • Take the slices of stale bread and matterle in a covered pot of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. NB: The bread can be, or not to be deprived of the crust. Personally I prefer to keep the crust.
  • When the bread is soaked (but not "undone"), drain and eventually squeeze, if it eccessivamene soaked, to remove a bit of water and vinegar.
  • In a large bowl, which will contain all prepoarazione, chop the bread.
  • Cover it with tomatoes left to marinate.
  • Then a layer of cucumbers and complete with onion (drained from the water).
  • Wash the basil leaves and sezzettarle preparedness.
  • Season with salt, pepper and abbondane olive oil and stir to mix the ingredients well.
  • Refrigerate for at least an hour and remove only the momentoservire. And 'in fact a dish best eaten cold.
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Additional information

  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Serves 2
  • Prep time. 5 minutes
  • Cooking time 10 minutes
  • Total time 15 minutes
  • Cost € 6-7

These straccetti of beef with balsamic vinegar rocket and Parmigiano Reggiano cream, are a refined variant of the classic beef straccetti. The most complicated part is making a cream with the right consistency by melting Parmesan in milk or cream.

What is needed
Ingredient Quantity
Beef slices gr. 350
Fresh wild arugula gr. 50
Farina 00 gr. 100
Parmigiano Reggiano gr. 75
Milk or cooking cream gr. 75
Balsamic vinegar qb
Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil qb


  • Toelettare the slices of meat off any ribs or unwanted fat.
  • Cut the meat into strips about one centimeter thick, if you are too long, cut them in half.
  • Flour well the strips of beef.
  • Wash and chop the rocket salad.


  • Put on high heat a pan with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Heat in a small saucepan (the kettle for milk may be fine) milk or heavy cream if you prefer a more creamy taste.
  • cook you make strips of beef floured, stirring occasionally.
  • Once the milk is hot, before it begins to boil, add the grated Parmesan cheese, a little at a time and mix. Continue to add the Parmesan and stir until it reaches the required consistency.
  • Add the arugula with rags at the end of cooking, add salt and pepper and sprinkle with a few drops of balsamic vinegar (Increase the amount of vinegar if the quality is not high: with balsamic vinegar Traditional from Modena or Reggio just a few drops).
  • pour parmesan cream cheese mirror on the bottom of the dish, then Serve the rags.
  • serve strips of beef with balsamic vinegar, rocket and parmesan cream adding, if you like fresh rocket whole or chopped.
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Additional information

  • Difficulty level Easy
  • Serves 4
  • Prep time. 20 minutes
  • Cooking time 0 minutes
  • Total time 20 minutes
  • Cost € 6-7