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top with meat

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Pasta with meat: pasta and / or rice with meat sauce or meat saucetop with meat

In the first section with meat you will find the most characteristic recipes of the Italian cuisine! Aside from the pizza, nothing is more typically Italian than a plate of pasta or a fragrant risotto. Among all the courses the first with meat are part of the daily diet of the Italians, there are some excellent recipes for pasta dishes or prepared risotto with vegetables alone or with fish (we'll talk in the sections dedicated to first with vegetables and ai top with fish) But the first with meat, from pasta with meat sauce, for us to have a role as protagonists.

Top with meat: basic variants

The first with meat that we have prepared are based on the various types of pasta that Italian tradition offers:

  • pasta durum wheat semolina: the classic pasta Barilla, De Cecco, Voiello, etc. in various formats on the market, trying to favor the tradition while giving us some license offering first with meat in an innovative format because we were excited about the yield in terms of taste and presentation.
  • egg pasta: here's the first of typical meat from Emilia (lasagne, tagliatelle, tortellini, cappelletti) and northern Italy. The recipes are between first with meat baked (lasagne and cannelloni), in boiling water as usual and in meat broth (tortellini, cappelletti
  • Rice: the classic risotto, in which we also paid attention here to the type of rice to use. We mostly use Carnaroli, but in some cases like risotto driver valance tradition we followed the specification using the Vialone Nano.
  • poor pasta is traditionally hand-made pasta with mostly just water and flour. The first with meat of this type are traditional in Romagna with Strozzapreti, but also in Puglia with the orecchiette. In this category we also passatelli, traditional inns with pasta made from breadcrumbs and Parmesan.

Sauces, sauces and condiments for the first with meat

So here is that every type of pasta has unique characteristics and needs, or makes the best with certain accompaniments rather than others. The recipes of the first with meat are cooked using meat, mainly pork, fresh, cured, or placed in the filling in the seasoning sauce. Some sauces are worth a separate section (gravies and sauces) Because they are talamente important to make irrelevant the type or utlilizzato pasta shape.

the first talking with meat toppings are always after cooking, mostly in the pan. The filled pasta, especially the cappelletti and tortellini, some recipes involving the use of uncooked meat.

For clarity and respect the habits and food choices in the category of the first with meat includes all pastas and risottos in which there is any type of meat even if not predominant compared to the overall dressing.

Enjoy your meal!!

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