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Recommended Events MangiAmando

Sometimes joining a special place, with a number of originality as the microclimate, soil, water, to a product, which is a particular ingredient or, more often a dish prepared precisely enhancing the features of the place and the peculiarity of the ingredients thanks the priceless heritage that is our tradition is achieved excellence in a unique event.
We celebrate excellence by participating in these festivals and fairs.

But not only.

From experience we have often unknowingly participate in special events, organized not by institutions and associations, but by individual entrepreneurs that seek to give to their local, rather, to their clients, a range of emotions and satisfactions that affect the taste but also the mind and, perhaps, the heart.

So we decided to use facebook as a bridge to access these pages, allowing our friends the company had released their event in an always updated bulletin board.
Good lap !!

Mangiamando events