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Tuesday, April 01 2014 13: 26

who I am

Written by Azdora

I was born on a hot August night of the last century.
The moon was still a luminous sphere reached by man, faithful companion of dreams and desires whispered.
I grew up in a small village in the hills.
I was the silent shadow of my older sister who taught me to write, to read, to ride a bike, to fight and defend myself.
We ran in the fields and the grass tickled the legs while we roamed the meadows in search of poppies.
I deeply loved those places during my childhood because they represented open spaces and freedom and then I hated them during my adolescence because, on the contrary, they had become close and oppressive.
And now in the time of my maturity I have learned to appreciate the qualities and accepting the limitations.

So a little 'as with all things and people.

I love being around people, but they "tame" a few. And those are really for me as the rose for the Little Prince.

I have a best friend who is the same for thirty years. Practically forever.

I have a great love that it is not always, but it will be, forever, for all time to come.

I left my country to study at university and then to work.
And I tried to always renew and to change: ideas, desires, dreams, lifestyle, habits.
I'm curious.
I like to travel and take pictures.
I like strawberries and chocolate and live flowers.
I dislike the paintings of Van Gogh and he who I think was a genius.
I like the Baglioni songs.
I like to eat, and of course cooking. The kitchen is fun, passion and often a necessity.
In the time I have devoted to the kitchen at one time and an ever greater care.
And from real Romagna, it is just a 'azdora.
We are what we eat. We translate into food a bit 'of our way of seeing the world.

I never stopped dreaming with open eyes.
And I try to keep the amazement of when I was a child.

Because all the grown-ups were children, only that many do not remember it!

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